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New disease types: Hatch Hives and Puft Pox

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An idea for new disease types, these disease are animal-borne and extremely contagious so you need to regulate them.
Hatch Hives:
* Extremely uncomfortable for dupes, General Debuffs, -15/cycle Stress change.

* Constantly spawns germs on skin if infected
* Hatch Hive Germs on skin will over time transfer into the dupe's body.

* Original Source Hatches, contacted though grooming, wrangling or breeding hatches.

* Wears out without treated in 5 cycles

* Not lethal
Puft Pox:

* Extremely Uncomfortable.

* Germs spawn on skin if infected
* Germs on skin transfer to dupe's body

* Source: Pufts

* Requires treatment, lasts 5 cycles

* Can be lethal

New structure: Creature bath

* Cleans germs on creature's skin

* Not plum-able.


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