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Do you know? Stairway to heaven - Morb / Slickster movement, without traps/lures.

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Slicksters for example could be easy moved with a similar pneumatic door setup. Slicksters move up and down without problem.
When you put a sensor / automation for door control, you could easy control their movement. When you have no sensors researched, use high prio on door and set to open/auto. Sometimes it's a nice minigame ^^
Edit: Another interesting mechanics based on that, is to fill the slickster area with chlorine. They eat CO² then chlorine fills up the lower ground and slicksters move to higher place, to get to CO².. Found finally a good use for chlorine ^^
They like doing parcour..

Edit: In combination with chlorine that works very well. Lower right corner (single door) open a pocket with CO² and they start to trave from the top left area to the CO². Could be accidentally, but pathfinding works/looks nice here.

Edit again: They move completely out of the CO² free area and prefer the top left filled with O2, sometimes CO2 is dropping down ladderpath and they start to run for it. Very nice feature :) When the traveldistance is more then a screen away, they stay at the top left (1920x1200)

Edit: To many (FPS) have to kill some. Barbecue time


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