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Water from Serpentine

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I have a new hypothetical water source. squeezing out the the very rocks in the game.  Real asteroids contain a very common mineral group which contains water as part of it's crystal structure.  These 'hydrated minerals' form a greenish rock called Serpentine which is found on Earth as well usually in underwater volcanoes where the hardened lava can soak up water.  Real Serpentine is 13% water by weight but we could just round that to 15 kg per 100 kg of rock or what ever gives a good yield.

To extract this water we would either need a new building 'Ore Squeezer?' (it should look like a fruit juicer I think) that operates a bit like the Rock Crusher, load it with 100 kg and squeeze the water out which would come out of a drain pipe and be hot.  The remaining mass is turned into plain igneous rock, also hot from the workout it got.  The Squeezer will likely consume a lot of power say around 1k watts.  This is obviously not a first order water source, it's a fall back when your running out of other sources or can't access them yet.

As for where on the map to put Serpentine, I'd say replace the 'sedimentary rock' in the Slime biome entirely with serpentine, giving serpentine all of sedimentary rocks old properties, plus a new green tint and higher decor value (I think Sandstone 0%, Granite 10%, Serpentine 20%).

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personally I do not mind some crazy stuff and pressing water from stone sounds fun. Would also go with the rock crusher ... just build Mesh Tiles under it and fill some tanks.

the only thing i don't really see is ... why would we? I mean okay it's nice to have a bit more, but at some point it's run out right? Especially when you have to mine it and already lose mass by digging. 

Also why put it in the swamp biome? Isn't it already a hassle to dig into and through? When you say it can be found near undersea volcanoes in real life, why not just put it closer to magma?

Actually when I think about it - in dwarf fortress the aquifer layer are really funny as they produces and reduce unlimited amounts of water. Why not let it disperse similar to Oxylite? When loses a specific amount of mass just let it become some other tile

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