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Bug on don’t starve Pocket Edition

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Alex2424    1

I was playing dont starve Pocket Edition normally but when I killed glommer like normal for some goop I forgot to pick his flower then I saved and quited the game. Now when I try to open up my world it shows this ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ sign that I am confused by, I restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the game having iCloud to not lose any worlds and I tried to look up any info about it but all I see is just the warning screen that I see on my phone. I look up “methods” that don’t work and I tried to see if I could get my (day 393 )world back because I also found maxwells portal and was trying to make an “advanced” base. I know the developers are busy and I can see that with all the great games you made like oxygen not included, don’t starve together, and shank you would also have different types of bugs and glitches but I hope that you’s would maybe have the time to fix this bug on     Don’t starve Pocket Edition.


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