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Mod crashing with no trace of error logs

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I'm having an issue that is crashing the game, but not showing anything at all in the error logs. Not on screen after the crash, nor in the Klei/DontStarveTogether folder in documents. The logs are there, and they show the normal startup data and print the right messages. But when the game crashes, it simply ends. 

I think the actual root of the problem is going to have to be on me to solve, because this is already way more complex than I care to explain. But I'm just wondering if anyone knows the most common causes of crashes like this.

In short; when certain conditions are met, it usually instantly crashes, but sometimes it stutters for a few frames and then crashes, and sometimes even lasts a few seconds. It involves a lot of looping through tables of TheSim:FindEntities near the player at a very large distance (which is a bad idea, I know, I know)

Is it safe to assume this is some sort of memory issue? Because I have tested this on two different laptops, and this seems to only happen on my older laptop. And for some reason, a common side effect of this bug is that it will sometimes cause objects on screen to rapidly multiply in size before crashing, which is a little terrifying. Once it was all crows. The other time, a spider. But it's usually the mole burrow fx.

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