Annoying Criters to spice things up

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So far all we have in the way of passive animals are birds and rabbits I'd like to shake it up a bit by adding animals annoy you. Raccoons, possums , large rats and mosquitoes would be good. Racoons could steal your food or any food they come across (including berries) forcing you to kill them they defend themselves and are killed in three ax hits. Possum would also steal food but would try to attack you if you come across them they would take 4 ax hits to kill. Nutria rats (large beaver sized rats) steal ANYTHING they can, things just laying around or things in your camp they will even break into your things to get what they want. They take it underground to the rat king who could be a boss later. You would be able to get your stuff back and more by killing the rat that took your stuff or killing the rat king. Nutria rats take 5 ax hits to kill. Mosquitoes travel in swarms of 5 to 10 and each one takes one HP from you ,you can kill them in one hit with any weapon you have and they can be used to make a bug bomb. To guard yourself at night you have to make a mosquito net 3 web 5 grass 2 stick.

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