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Add more custom worldgen options!

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I think its high time we get some more custom worldgen options, cause as it stands it seems that each balance change has made half the community go "Change it back" and the other half go "No keep it, we like it"

Suggestions I would add in the upcoming update

Geyser dormancy cycles:

(Short/ medium/ long/ indefinite)

Why: makes game easier for newer players to get into the game while keeping those who want the game as near to impossible as possible happy.

Custom world:

Note: already in debug mode

Why r1: makes installing worldgen mods a bit easier

Why r2: why not enable those who can run 512x512 maps to run 512x512 maps, even if its just a scaled up version of the default starting asteroid 

Creature domestication:

(Friendly, normal, unfriendly, hostile) 

Why: gives those who want a challenge a challenge

Destructible ruins:


Why: while ruins are cool in concept, I've seen a few complaints around there indestructible nature.

Dupe skill leveling:

(Fast, medium, slow, disabled)

Why: easy, some in the community like challenge, others like base building and others have just managed not to kill off there colony by cycle 50. Giving freedom of difficulty may calm down some balance complaints in the future. 

Printing pod speed:

(Fast, normal, slow)

Why: Imagine a new dupe every cycle challenge, with 2 times more dupes.


Ultimately every one is going to find some changes game breaking. Even if the next person you ask tells you that those exact same changes made ONI one of there favourite games of all time. 


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I would love to be able to deconstruct all the pre-placed buildings/objects. (Maybe not geysers.) It offends my sense of tidiness when I'm trying to build around them and they get in the way of my evenly-spaced floors and corridors. Plus it can make things like building a chamber around an AETN super-annoying.

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5 часов назад, Hanro50 сказал:

Почему: в то время как руины классны по понятию, я видел несколько жалоб вокруг нерушимой природы.

Вы все еще можете удалить их в модуле отладки.

Need more random dangers, couz medicine is useless. No need medicine if you know how to play.

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