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Combustables and Clothing Update

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I've been doing my best to look at every suggestion thread and there are some great ideas out there that I think could play into each other really well. My favorite suggestions have been for fire, or machines that can create heat greater than 175C, and for clothing that would bring new utility.

An idea I've seen a lot is wardrobe checkpoints, similar to exosuits.This would be a fundamental part of this update. They could be lockers, coat hangers, or whatever the Klei team comes up with, but would be an all in one storage and access point.

We already have warm/cool clothing that could utilize this, but it's utility could be expanded. For the following suggestions, I'm aware exosuits exist. However you don't always want/need the full capabilities of that suit, or want to send the power and oxygen that way.

The first clothing addition would be the snorkel originally suggested here:



I think this could have a tiered outfit, first the snorkel made from reeds, then an insulated suit and flippers made from plastic. Expanding this idea could incorporate the fish creature that's been teased and a spear gun.

The second suit would be a firejacket. This would be made from plastic that would protect wearers of temps equal to a portion of an exosuit.

The third suggestion comes from:



Disposable medical mouth / nose covers. Made from reeds, these would filter out a portion of slime lung germs. Not full to be OP, but a balanced mitigation. They could also be used on sick patients, to reduce their spread of germs. Another reed consumable could be bandages, if patients get scalded or damaged they would use one to gain a percentage of health over time. This gives an option to the cheaper med beds. After they've been used they would be sent to the next part of the update, the incinerator.

The incinerator consumes anything that's flammable, which would include reeds, an efficient fuel. Fertilzer and polluted dirt could also be fuel, I'm sure you guys can think of a ton of options. If the temps get high enough, perhaps it can ignite gases. This would enable new tiers of crafting, including glass- a high decor value material that can be used to craft statues and tiles, allowing the passage of light. It could also be required for Exo-suits, pushing them to later in the game and bolstering the utility of the new clothing. The machine would need to be designed so that it can't be used to directly convert polluted water. Perhaps it malfunctions if it comes into contact with any liquid. I'm sure you guys can work on the specifics, such as power consumption, much better than I.

This then feeds into the ability to transfer the heat into use with steam turbine, which is desired by everyone at this point. All in all, I think this would give more utility and options to players, and would find a way to continue the need of reeds, which often stockpile to the thousands in late game.

Looking forward to feedback and collaboration!

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