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Let us craft the first three dupes

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With this update, the added dimension of "interests" was the straw that broke the camel's back.  (That, and the fact that the deck now seems to be stacked against learners.)  A major part of gameplay is now clicking the "shuffle" button before a game.  It officially takes too long.  I used to start new colonies all the time, now I dread the startup screen.

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Honestly, I think the Interests should correspond with a dupes starting stats.

Like, when the game generates dupes, it should give them 1-3 interests.

Each of those interests not only increases the rate at which they level up their skills, but also gives them points in those skills. If someone has Reseach as an interest, they should at minimum have at least one skill point in learning. Maybe having only one interest puts more points in that skill as opposed to multiple interests with fewer points to each skill, but there should at least be something.

Then assign a perk like Diver's Lung or one of the perks that grants points to a skill like Buff or Twinkletoes. Maybe even add a perk like Jack-of-all-Trades that puts one skill point into every skill.

And finally, the drawback. The drawback should not render a dupe unable to perform a task they have as an interest. No Yokels with Research as an interest. I can deal with all the other weird drawbacks or having say a researcher who can't dig, but not something that outright cancels out an interest.


Basically, I can respect that they want the dupes to be specialized or whatever, but I honestly think that if that's what they are going for then the system generating these dupes should take that into consideration when making them. I should be able to just hit shuffle at the start until I find dupes with Researcher, Dig... and maybe something else like Farmer, Cook, Artist, or whatever the third one is depending on how I want to play things.

I totally agree that the system generating the dupes right now is just too random and assigns their attributes in often useless ways.


It would also be cool to unlock some way to modify the attributes of dupes who are going to be printed. Like, after choosing dupes from the printer, you can have the option to list a skill, interest, perk, or drawback that you want the next round of dupes to have. I've often thought it would be fun to play a colony where all the dupes have flatulence as a drawback and see if I can deal with that while setting up the base. But right now it's a slot machine trying to get dupes with any sort of build you might want.

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