Dedicated server looking for new players

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Hello everyone, I'm part of a group that's currently looking for new players to join our world!

We're a community of mature DST players called The Famished Wanderers Convention. We have a discord and a dedicated server that is hosted in the US, which is running on endless mode. We also use a few mods, but nothing game breaking. Our play style is based on creating one main base with lots of resources for everyone to share and long games that last hundreds of days. The server is up 24/7. 

There weren't too much activity in the last weeks, so we're looking for new players to join us! We were playing mainly on weekends, usually at times between early afternoon and evening/early night (EST, UTC-5), with voice chat on discord for an easy communication.

We only use two mods: Global Positions for easier coopleration and Repair Combine to prevent getting stuck with tons of 1% equipment.

We primarily communicate on Discord. Here's an invite to the discord -

And here's the steam group:

If you have any further questions, just ask here or on discord ;) (we don't use steam for communication really)


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