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[SOLVE] Can't Examine... it's said haunt.


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In my old version I didn't get this problem but when  I uploading a new version of my mod .

I have a new problem ....

-- Somethings in the game said " Haunt ... " not " Examine

< It's can press ALT and click to Examine. >

see pics V







something can carry and picked up ... i'm really annoying with those " Haunt ... " X'I

also I can't open Chester [ Need to drag and drop directly to him //sad ]


I use a same scripts as my old versions.

Did I done anything wrong? ... :o

Oh and my new update is : his new cat from model .< custom build > <<<<< Maybe it's Because of my new model? <:'I

You can download all of my work to help and tell me why is this happened X''D //sorry for my dumb i'm horrible at scripting.

Thank you. <3


GG NewAika.rar

old aika.rar

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