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(MFi) gamepad and opening/closing Map

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EndeavourA    0

First of all, Don't Starve - like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - is a useful time-waster while commuting to/from work. Thanks for porting it to mobile.

I have a request/suggestion related to the gamepad controls. Currently, opening the Map requires pressing both rotate camera (shoulder/bumper) buttons simultaneously. It's very difficult (for me) to pull this off without rotating the map. Did you know that pressing down the joysticks also generates a button press? Since you're not yet using this, my request is to make that button event an alternative for opening the Map. This shouldn't be too difficult to implement technically, and it would be a lifesaver for some of us gamers.

(I don't see a post "Preview" button, just "Cancel" and "Submit Topic", so here goes nothing... ;))

Man, I'm having the greatest difficulty using this forum software.
In particular, the combo of having to use Shift+Enter to prevent paragraph creation, and Ctrl+Enter to submit a post, is proving to be quite a challenge.
It's very easy to press Ctrl+Enter instead of Shift+Enter.
Also, the color of the text while typing this is "rgb(150,150,150);" which is far too light on the white background.
Seriously, I need to open the inspector to remove that CSS just to see what I'm typing...

Anyway, back on-topic.
I would like to make another observation related to gamepad controls.
Several D-pad directions appear to be unused when accessing the inventory.
It would be useful if equipping tools and eating food would be possible without having to close the inventory.
To equip a tool, I currently need to press A, B, X, then D-pad-right. Correct?
If there's an easier way, then perhaps it would be useful to extend the help section that shows the gamepad controls, and make it a two-pager that goes into a bit more details.

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EndeavourA    0

By the way, I know another way to equip a tool is to manually move it towards the hand area, but this is (even) more cumbersome.
Or, at the very least, for me, slower than A, B, X, then D-pad-right.

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