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  1. Too often I've been in a world for 15+ days, and then 2 new players arrive who play for a while and then decide to do a Regenerate World vote because they prefer to start from scratch. I only want to join worlds that have voting for Regenerate World disabled. The "vote" tag does not convey what kind of voting is allowed on a server. I would like a filter for Regenerate World voting availability. I want to know that if I put in a half a day of DST playing that 2 newcomers won't simply reset the world. This makes sense, right? I'm not being snobby or elitist or anything like that... In my experience it's simply far too easy for people to reset worlds. When I'm in worlds that have Regenerate World voting, it's basically constant praying that nobody will have the idea to do such a vote - because unless several others have been playing for 15+ days, such votes almost always work out in the favor of newcomers. Then they play until it's Winter, then they slowly drop (leave the server) and then I'm alone again, and 2 newcomers join to play a while and suggest regenerating the world again. I lose the vote, everything restarts. Surely this must sound familiar to at least some of you who've been playing DST for years.
  2. It's disappointing that nobody has replied. Similarly disappointing that the URL with the image I mentioned has only 3 unique visitors, 1 of which is me. Basically there's no support whatsoever on this forum. My only other topic also got 0 replies. Because of the bug I describe, I can no longer play Don't Starve. It used to be one of my favorite games, with 1000+ hours on record.
  3. Any suggestion how I can fix this graphics distortion? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2181309899 I'm guessing the integrated AMD Radeon video card is the problem. The machine is a HP Slim Desktop S01-AF0800ND. This is on a freshly installed Linux Mint 20 Ulyana machine.