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Quacken rework


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I'm not sure if the sugestion thread is also for shipwrecked so mods are free to move this if I'm wrong.

Quacken is obviously based of the Kraken- a giant sea monster that's capable of destroying every ship! Quacken... not so much, more like a thulecite crown delivery guy.

Here's my idea. Make Quacken a boss with phases. It fits perfectly with his mechanic of moving after losing 1/4 health.

First phase: the fight as it's right now but without the ink balls

Secong phase: The fight as it's right now

Third phase: new attack- the quacken will try to smash the players ship just like in the trailer by basically spawning a new tentacle right next to the player every 5 seconds and attacking like this



Forth phase: Quacken screams right after appearing. The scream spawns 3-5 sea hounds. All attacks from previous phases are present in this one as well

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