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Give duplcants the need of thrist by making milk a new harvestable good. Milk will be collected from milkweed a flower an utter mixed together. Also add the paustrazation mechanic with paustrizers for milk. Pauterized milk wil give an immune boost unlike unpauturized. Milk will be collected in jugs like water but it cant be put in a bottle empteir. After collection it either is pausturized then/or cartened by a liquid boxer. The liquid boxer takes water and milk so it can be stored and a carten is maked by a duplicant whenever they are thristy. The milk can me used also in the microbmusher to make cheese sticks for dupes to eat. The new animation for drinking should be after a dupe drinks the carton they should wipe off a milk/water mustache. Possible new traits could be dry mouth or wet lips.

Add a duplicant custimization menu please to create some new faces around the colony.

Also how about a tap to connect to pipe systems for water

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