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Occasional Graphics Glitches (Black or White Flash)

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I was wondering if anyone else experiences occasional graphics glitches since the occupational upgrade?  I'm not planning on posting a bug report because it may just end up being more clutter there.  It's happened only 3 or 4 short moments in my 2 hours of playtime.  A quarter of the screen will be black for about a second or a very quick flash of white along maybe just the top half of the screen.

I'm reluctant to post a bug because this could just be my graphics card getting old but my previous 80 hours in the automation upgrade didn't experience this issue.  So it could also be some code changes in the new version of the game causing the rendering to fall behind the game's logic updating.  For example the big black regions seem to occur when I'm moving around, as if there wasn't enough time to load the tiles for the new area the screen can observe.  The white flashes may be related to when I exit the research or job menus.  I may also just be reading too much into it and my hardware is failing...

Good Day.

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