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my usual water/Pwater cooling (the reverse valve)

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well first thing first, i hope this build that i have been using ever since is not another bug or exploit
ive seen this design before but i took left turn and came up with a better cooling method but may take a little bit longer to cool down 


in my design instead of placing the valve on the entrance of the hydrogen chamber to limit the water flow i decided to place it on the output end, yes the output water is a little bit hot probably no temp has changed but...
The idea here was to keep lots of water inside the hydro-chamber slowly decreasing its temperature may even turn to ice if the output rate is low
also you can shut off the valve and let the water or coolant (for smelter) cool to any desired temperature before letting them out

this is not really efficient if your planning to cool a large amount of water per cycle, i prefer using this for cooling the output of the smelter

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