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REDUX Speech Template for Custom Characters (DST)

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This is a blank template file of the Speech script for the Extended Sample Character content pack.

Currently the ESC script file is only Reign of Giants compatible. I've since taken the script, added in the DST lines and reorganized all of the dialogue into categories with labels for each line specifying its purpose. It also includes all of the event dialogue as well. Each string is completely blank so that lines can be written with ease and an index is provided at the top listing all of the categories to search by.

This would probably best be used for anyone who wants to make a new character from scratch as there are a LOT of dialogue options to take into consideration. I just wanted the writing process to be a little less hectic and easier to grasp.






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Just now, Siletrea said:

@Eranthis well shoot! but either way I have gotten it to work for DS SW and ROG sofar! no bugs yet! your organization with this has been stupendous! super helpful! thanks!

Still looking to have this updated as well. A few misspellings and more strings that otherwise weren't featured in DST.

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