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How many exclusive/limited emotes/clothes are there?

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Symage    566

Just wondering, can you buy them on the steam store or is it like in Overwatch where specific things are for a limited while only but that limited time event appears after a while again (for example christmas skins that only appear for a limited time during december)

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fimmatek    1,823

I don't think Klei confirmed anything about the reappear of the skins, however:

  • They said that the Forge might (not will, might) come again later. I assume that we'll be able to get the Forge skins again by then.
  • The event items from halloween and christmas came back and the winter-exclusive skins (like the pet skins) were dropping again this year, most likely they'll return every year.
  • We can get the swoon emote again, but not the Cherub's heart. However, we can get 2 new different Valentine-themed skins. 

So I think that most skins will appear later again, but it's not sure as nothing on it is confirmed. 

It seems that there is always a possibility to buy the character skins and clothes, but not the other belongings (except for the Valentine set), tho you can buy everything indirectly by buying skins either from the market or from Klei and unraveling them. 

I hope this answered your question.


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