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Allow the Duplicants to break blocks, if their life is in danger.

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When my Duplicants build something they often somehow manage to get themselves trapped and it's up to me to save them, 'cause even though they have tools to dig themselves out, they never do it until I've told them to. Their AI is very clever in all the other situations, but when it comes to building ridiculous accidents happen.

One time my Duplican started building a ladder between floors from the upper end, then the lower end became unreachable for her (I have no idea why didn't she just climb the part of the ladder she has already build to get to the lower end), she got trapped on the upper floor, started suffocating and I had to tell the Duplicants to quickly build the rest of the ladder to save her. Other time two of my Duplicants were building a room and got trapped in a little cave above the ceiling (don't ask me how, since this time they were building the room from its floor upwards). They could have easily dig themselves out, but they didn't do it and started suffocating, so I had to save them again. Other time the Duplicants have managed to entomb someone's head into the floor and decided to leave them there and go to sleep. XD

I admit, this makes the game more fun, but maybe it would be worth it to allow the Duplicants to break/deconstruct some blocks on their way to freedom without the order from the player, if their life is in danger. And if the other Duplicants are standing near and see someone suffocating, they could help them out too. It would be easier for me to just fix the resulting hole in the wall, than babysit the Duplicants every time they build. But only when their live is in danger, please! I don't want them to became like Deerclops from Don't Starve and demolish the whole base!

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The point is:


Sometimes that is TOO much micro managing.




Counter offer:

No one wants their base wrecked(and potentially not know about it) , and since dupes are much more valuable now,  how about AUTO PAUSE when a dupe is in bad trouble?

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