Endothermic Fire Nitre cost adjustment and new source of Nitre.

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I read from wiki that Nitre can drop from underground earthquakes. Otherwise it seems a nonrenewable source.

Summer is so much harsher than winter. And Endothermic fires are one of those reasons. Sure, you can make a pit, which accepts any fuel, but Endothermic Fire pits hard to climb to in time if you have a spring start. It also means you can't go very far.  Too much resource cost to be placing pits everywhere. 

So instead of Endothermic fires costing 2 Nitre and 3 straw, I suggest it cost 1 Nitre, 2 wood, and 3 straw. You might consider increasing the Nitre cost of the pits, I recommend it even.

I also request a renewable source of above ground Nitre be added, one that doesn't require boulders.  It's OK if this source doesn't give much Nitre and isn't very common. As long as it's renewable, above ground, and not too much overlap with other sources.


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I am thinking Endothermic fire pits should take 8 Nitre (instead of 2) 2 cut stone (instead of 4) and 2 Electric doodad. 

I also think serious thought should be given to making Endothermic fires something someone can craft without a science machine and Endothermic fire Pits something one can craft with only a science machine. One can make a regular Fire pit without even a science machine. 

Consider, what you need to build up with a spring start which is a possibility unless you change the default settings. I say surviving summer is nearly impossible without a Endothermic fire pit. Summer causes crops to fail, which means expecting a steady supply of watermelons is unreasonable. Pretty parasols help, but not enough on their own, even with tree shade and even a straw hat too, you will get heat you won't survive during full blown summer without rain. Ice cubs aren't a option unless you survived winter and harvested ice from then, and probably wont last through summer unless you got a ice box, which is a high hurdle.  Thermal stones don't do **** for summer without Endothermic fires.

Which leaves floral shirts, which requires you to be able to have access to desert, swamp, and spiders. And you can't even harvest the necessary cactus flowers till summer heats already underway. 

And say 2 Nitre per day for a endothermic fire (not pit) plus all the fuel and resources required to keep them going is unfeasible. 

So Endothermic fire pits are necessary to to survive summer. For that, you need a science machine and a alchemy engine normally (without these changes) 

So if I figured it all out right, that means during spring, when your dealing with rain which means getting soaked while mining and lightening which threatens to destroy your camp, you will need a minimal 11 Gold 28 Stone 20 Wood. 2 Nitre. to build a Endothermic fire pit as it stands now. And that's not even counting things like thermal stones so you can travel some distance from camp and get things done (and so your camp doesn't burn down) etc. And doesn't include that Endothermic fires can't cook food, so you will need a regular fire pit nearby for that, and a crockpot too (yes crockpot means you don't need to cook most things, but fire cooking is still needed to refreshing spoilage and required for using nuts and cactus) Which means ALOT of stone, we are talking at least 57 stones now including a single thermal stone, stone cost, if I did my math right. And that's if lightning or summer fire doesn't burn down something which requires recrafting. Lets say 60 stones, including a lightning rod.

Now regarding food spoilage during summer and winter. Does the game take into account area temperature for how long food takes to spoil? Or does it just simplistically go "it's summer time, quicker expiration time"?  It would be preferable if it were the former. If it is the latter. Then at least make the area around Endothermic fires be treated like a colder season. Like if food is in range of the light of a Endothermic fire during spring or fall, it spoils at the rate like winter, and during the summer, at a rate like spring or fall. That includes chest, ground and possessions. That means floral shirts, and Pretty parasols will last longer too if you spend more time around Endothermic fires.

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