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  1. How to be a Runner.

    This so obviously belongs in the underused Strategy and tactics subforum currently with only three threads. Please move.
  2. Need to know how Wickerbottom & Maxwell work

    Do the shadows break guard etc.? If so, do they deliver their damage as they break the guard?
  3. Do the same ones repeat? But most importantly, do you have to finish all personal quests before you get new ones?
  4. For some reason the head next to players name in the upper right corner is a black silhouette. Which is absurd, it is so hard to tell which is which character with such a tiny black head. I suggest a colored head, and a colored head that reflects the head skin that player is using too. Secondly and even more importantly, players names can (optionally) show under their characters. Every forge we are reduced to calling each other by the characters name, since most of us can't keep track of who is who. It's especially frustrating for those of us who haven't memorized all the character names yet, like I still call the robot, robot. But even memorized exact character name it is super confusing if multiple people are using the same character. This would also allow players to be a little more accountable for their behavior too. As it is now, it is also hard to tell who is low health/has fainted because the difficulty in telling who is who makes correlating the data in the upper left with players on the field very difficult. You might even consider giving us health percentage in that upper left field area too.
  5. What kind of weapon is Hearthfire Crystal?

    Proc explosion? As opposed to tossed? Please explain.
  6. Kiting boss sleep?

    So you got a boar etc being kited around and some other foes somewhere else. Does it ever make sense to lure the kited boss through a life patch to put it to sleep so the kite can heal? Or does that simple ruin the whole kite setup too much, too regularly? Is there a way to recover kitting after? Does one need to have kite on their own life patch and no one else using it? How do you get healing to a kite? Or do you simply must give them regen helm and before it drops just hope they do a flawless job avoiding attacks?
  7. What kind of weapon is Hearthfire Crystal?

    Is Hearthfire Crystal not fire and thus boosted by Willow?
  8. How is it categorized for which characters can use it. Someone said staff but I've tried to use it as Wicker and I know that's wrong. Darts?
  9. Need to know how Wickerbottom & Maxwell work

    It was a case of not knowing what to look for with Maxwells ability So no one knows if more damage causes Maxwells ability to go off more? Or go off for more damage? I think more damage causes Maxwells to go off more because early game before you have the staff your hitting stuff with books and I don't recall any Maxwell triggering special ability with that. Since against boars and with everyone else you only get a few hits, but surely if it was the same rate as with staff it would be every now and again.
  10. Need to know how Wickerbottom & Maxwell work

    Is there a indication when Wicker will amplify the next special move? Can you space out wickers attacks and have it still work? Like if 10 attacks is enough normally, if you do 5 attacks, run around a bit, do a special attack, 5 more attacks, will it still trigger the amp? Do attacks that do more damage help contribute more to Wickers amp? If you hit another enemy, does that reset Maxwells count? If you say use special to hit a bunch of enemies including your target, does that reset count? Similar to Wicker, if there is time between the attacks, does the count time out and reset?
  11. Wickerbottom - After dealing sufficient damage, your next spell will become amplified and deal more damage. So how much damage does it take? Does any damage count? Like does the damage dealt by the summoning from the book of beckoning count? Whats called a spell. Are the normal blasts from staves spells? If they do, and it's only the NEXT single one spell that's boosted, does that mean that if you use a normal blast your amplification is lost? Is the summoning of the book of beckoning boosted by her amplification? Maxwell -After focusing attacks on one enemy, Shadow Duelists will be summoned and quickly do some slashes to pile on the damage. What does it mean "focusing attacks on one enemy"? I tried Maxwell a few times, others have use him too. None of us have actually ever seen this Shadow duelist. Is it bugged? Maxwell is called by this a "glass cannon" Surely I see the glass part, his health is half that of Wicker. But what is the cannon part? That shadow duelist that never comes out? Does have a unlisted trait of doing more damage with his attacks or something?
  12. TY though what I most would rather do is not have a malicious mod able to semi-hack my PC through the game client.
  13. This mod is so bad, it should be removed from the workshop and made to never be compatible with the game. Absolutely, no question, I mean this thing is horrid. It's a bit like a mod to hack someones computer and the only easy escape is to hit the power switch on ones computer.
  14. I just got taken over by another player on a creative map. It looked like another Willow, but I guess it's Wendy that has the ability via her ghost sister? Maybe the jerk had taken over someone else and switched to me? Anyway this ashol player took me over and never let me go. My cursor kept being drawn to where the character was and I basically couldn't use my mouse, even with the game minimized and me focused on another process. No hotkeys in the game worked. I struggled for a long time trying to bring something up with keyboard commands in order to forcibly kill my Don't starve together game that was preventing me from using my computer. Finally I somehow brought up the steam thing over the game and my mouse cursor was released and I was able to kill the game and free myself from this ****** trolls control. Please remove this **** from the game ASAP.
  15. Does forge items replace Halloween items from gift boxes? In other words, is the Halloween event for the purposes of getting permanent Halloween skin stuff actually over once forge starts? (independent question from alloeble's weave question)