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  1. Does forge items replace Halloween items from gift boxes? In other words, is the Halloween event for the purposes of getting permanent Halloween skin stuff actually over once forge starts? (independent question from alloeble's weave question)
  2. Is there a place one can go to that tells what the different mad scientist pots do? It's not on wiki.
  3. Is there a place one can go to that tells what the different mad scientist pots do? It's not on wiki.
  4. So are you saying all the mad science crafts have their own craft tab? I join a creation server, I can put down anything from my normal item creation. (is this give all recipes?) Putting down mad scientist lab. No lab crafts. I don't see any command for all recipes listed to me with /cmc. I also don't get how to cause any components to appear. But setting that aside. I joined a noncreation server where a mad scientist lab was already up, and I did not see any new tab appear. It has since burned down but I will check again.
  5. Well there was some discussion earlier whether it counts down if your dead. And I let myself idle dead for a long time and I didn't get a prize. But you're absolutely sure it counts down if you are god mode creative, dead etc? What makes you so sure, have you had the present appear while you were dead, in god mod, etc.? So the Halloween event ends on the 22, the joke poster aside, almost nothing tells you that, not that poster. Not post one of this thread. So if someones sick of telling people that, then they should stop telling people it at the bottom of a well. Telling people years before does NOT count. How do you use mad scientist labs? I could not find them on wiki. Even when I joined in a creation world, I could not figure how to use them.
  6. How can I know if the weekly timer has reset? If I lose track of how many gifts I got of the 4 per week, is there a way to check?
  7. Do you get gift box time if your in creation mode? If you host a game and are the only one on? If you play the game offline? How much time is necessary between gifts? Does new gift start its timer if you havent claimed the old one yet? Has it been reset this week yet?
  8. Is there event specific long term gifts that you don't find normally?
  9. I let the game idle as a ghost for maybe an hour or more checking in ever so often. I didn't earn a second gift. I did get a first gift but I was actively playing. How frequently are you suppose to get these gifts, does the time between them expand after each one for the week? When is the weekly drop reset?
  10. Literally, like having the game running? Even at menu? Or like on someones server? As a ghost? Or you just have to be alive during the time? Only DST and not single player?
  11. Sinister, that didn't answer any of my questions.
  12. So is there any way to get permanent skins etc that can travel from one game to another, new games etc. from this event? Or is EVERYTHING from this event only stuff that's temporary except for remaining in the world? What are these chests and what are these drops? How do i get what i need to weave from spools?
  13. Would someone please answer my questions.
  14. Ah, so you can find and make stuff that stays on the map afterwards but you can't get anything that expands your graphic options for new games, starts, crafts, etc with this Halloween event? But the images from Spaartan seem different than that.
  15. Zeko that but answers one of several questions (and least of them). Would you please kindly answer the rest.