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  1. I installed this mod. It worked once unraveling all dups. I don't remember where I found that button (where is it found?) but I can't find it again and when I go to unravel stuff, it's one at a time. In short it's like the mod isn't installed/isn't doing anything. It is installed, it is enabled, it is the only mod enabled so no clashing with other mods.
  2. So much of my game time is wasted and artificially made more difficult struggling with targeting the right stuff. So many times I've tried dropping something only to consume it instead and so on. Most disastrously when I was shaving Beefalos in the night during winter with Wilson and somehow the game got the idea I had targeted Wilson. Wilson got shaved, his many beard hairs fell into the camp fire starting a general resource fire with the many nut trees I had planted over days with much difficulty. Leaving me damaged from being burned, cold from lacking the beard(and not having gotten any winter gear), and in the dark because I couldn't be near the campfire as well as being down some resources. But this particular issue is especially obvious in it's buggy nature. I am trying to plant something or drop something, I click on a spot. Sometimes nothing happens and I have to do it again, and again, and again. But often my character dances instead. That is the character moves back and forth like it's trying to figure out where to place the item. Sometimes it resolves itself after a short bit, sometimes it will do this for awhile. Often I don't want to wait and see and simply move my character out of the area so I can click on the ground and try again. Does this game use a invisible grid and get confused when you click on spots inbetween the grid spaces? If so, I sure wish there was a option to make the grid lines visible.
  3. Please can we get some help here. Does Klei never read the forum?
  4. I use Linux Mint 18.2, my video card is a old AMD Radeon. One issue is that there is a weird graphics around spider nests that probably isn't right. But that's ignorable. When I get hit, there is red veiny graphics around the screen that appears. 1. This appears like 30 seconds to a minute after I was hit. 2. This NEVER goes way without saving to menu and reloading the game. If I wait for a night day cycle, after it's gone night, then day, its reduce alot, to a vague darker red color without the veins visible much, but still there. Please keep in mind this is a serious problem for me, this seriously reduces the visibility of the game field, especially before a night/day cycle where you can't see the sides much at all. This means me reloading the game after every time I get hit. Especially a pain when harvesting cactus's where I harvest a few, reload. Harvest a few, reload again . . .
  5. I just recently got the game. I got a fast internet and PC. It tells me I got good speed/connection. But when the actual game starts, it's unplayable. Before any monsters appear, it's just really laggy. After they appear, and even during breaks between them, it's completely locked up lag. I can't move period. And when I do move its 5 or 10 minutes after I gave the command and I'm helplessly grinding against some wall. I see myself being damaged with no monsters near me and monsters around me with no damage being done on me, so I know I am not seeing the correct up to date display. Even sending messages, I send a message to the game, it appears like 10 minutes latter to me, so surely no one else saw it any sooner. I am not exaggerating here, I didn't time them but a really really really long ass time latter my messages appear after being sent, probably at least 10 minutes. I have joined 3-4 different games to be sure, every time showing a good connection speed, every time utterly unplayable lag for me. Also, the lag happens even during wee hours of the morning. It seems like I am in the minority of this kind of extreme lag(though clearly others suffer), but I would still appreciate this being fixed, preferably before forge is over.