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[game breaking] Dupe Stat Manipulation [Preview branch]

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Hi all,

I already post this on the bug tracking page, but because the release date is in 2 days I want to bring this to as many people as I can in hope it will be correct before the release patch. If this is a duplicate, I'm sorry. I just found this out 2 days ago, and tested it half an hour ago to make sure it is still on-going. To me, this is more of an exploit than a bug. I am talking about slicing through abyssalite tile like butter. 

[Exploit] Dupe state can be easily manipulate through job system. Once a dupe master a certain job, by switching to tier 2 job (from junior researching to scientist), dupe gain +2 learning. This is probably by design, but when changing back to Researching, dupe keep the +2 learning. This can be done unlimited time (stat max at 50) by simply switching junior and senior job. Dupe does not needs to go to job station for each change to take effect. 

Steps to Reproduce
1. Master tier 1 job

2. Switch to tier 2 job (gain stat boost)

3. Switch back to tier 1 job (keep stat boost)

4. Repeat step 2-3 (stat boost accumulating)

Note: This only impact current session. Save/Load remove the accumulated stat boost and goes back to base stat boost.

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