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[Solved] Disabling Sailing/Surfing Music in SW


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I am currently designing a music mod for Shipwrecked and am trying to prevent the game's sailing/surfing music from playing. As is, the game's sailing/surfing music overrides the music I want to be playing so I'd like to prevent the music from triggering in the first place.

I'm at my wit's end trying to figure this out and am willing to pay way more than some lines of code are worth via PayPal if someone can write some lines that accomplish this successfully; I just REALLY want this done. 

I've included my functioning (aside from the mentioned issue) .lua file in case it's helpful. (In the lua file, "continuous" mode is designed to make the modded music play endlessly instead of only while working. I also feel I should mention that this is a modified "port" of a RoG mod so there is a lot of unnecessary stuff in it.)


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Thanks for the quick reply! That's close, but not quite what I need.

Adding that results in the music stopping as opposed to not playing (which is a slight difference). The problem is that it still stops playing the current music upon jumping onto a boat where I'd like it to keep playing the current music as if nothing had changed.

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