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trying to hide character model ONLY for host

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I've always struggled to keep host and client animstates synced properly in my mods. But now, in an ironic twist, I'm trying to de-sync them, and I can't do it.

As the host of the server, I want to be able to use  inst:AnimState:HideSymbol("specificsymbol") to hide specific parts (but not all) of my character model ONLY on my end, not for other clients. That, and SetMultColour(), if possible.  I know about SetClientSideBuildOverride(), but that's not really a good option for me here, because the reason I'm using HideSymbol in the first place is so that I don't need to change the build.

Problem is, this is a client-only mod, with "all_clients_require_mod" set to false, so I can't just use netvars and make them re-show all the symbols (Right? I think?)

Does anyone know any workarounds, or any places to study up on something like this? I can't think of any existing code that might do something similar.

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