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Set All Bosses To “More” but still any of the bosses came HELP!

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Guys I need Help 

I am a don’t starve pocket edition player. I always play don’t starve with RoG enabled and all of the bosses (except Krampii and both of the treeguards) are set to “More” I am playing with wolfgang on an autumn start world and I am on day 78 but I still haven’t encountered any bosses (even the Goose/Goose) pls help me! This also happened on my WX-78 world which is on day 298 but I encountered Goose/Goose on that world 

and I have a few questions;

When does a boss like Bearger come to you? (Or a dragonfly)

and did this ever happened to you on pc or in other platforms of the game 

Note: Searched alot of forums and found some people saying “I am playing with default settings and I am day 171 but I haven’t encountered any bosses (except for Goose which I encountered on day 39 as always)”

With a lot of thanks for the people who can help me!

Another note: my base is next to pig king does this happen because of it?


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9 hours ago, DatShadowJK said:

Ok, I have encountered this problem, it is know. Now, questions to answer:

1. Bearger comes on the SECOND Autumn, only if you start in autumn. If you start in spring, he comes on the first autumn

2. Dragonfly spawns in summer


If you have encountered this problem can you help to fix that out? I have an application to reveal the ios files just if you can help me with some files 

Thanks to the Good People


Ipad Pro

IOS version;


Model Number;


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