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Another new room idea + gameplay feature

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The last update implemented new rooms and took away auto-leveling stats.

Now I got the idea of a designated training room with different buildings for raising different stats: Treadmills raise athletic, school boards raise science, a Dupe-Dummy raises caregiving and so on.

A Training-Building has to be assigned manually to a Dupe and it starts using the machine instead of following its regular work routine. But the Dupe still eats, sleeps, pees and so on so you have to weigh up if you can lose manpower to training while the consumption stays the same.

I am not sure if the buildings need to be powered or not.

Now you might see an opportunity to create superdupes but I'd like a limit on max stats. Created randomly together with the stats.

A Dupe might start with 3/15 construction while another has 3/12 or 1/18. So any Dupe might have a starting bonus and/or potential for the stats.

Jobs don't give a fixed bonus on stats anymore but instead give a bonus to the stat-limit and speed up the raise of the designated stat.

Yep, return of the auto-stat-leveling but slow enough so jobs and training buildings will have an impact on stat-raising.

Just as a bonus thought: Jobs don't need another preceding job mastery but a minimum stat. So maybe Dupes need to earn experience before they can even be assigned to them. High athletics are then no auto-take because they can't be assigned to anything else than supplier.

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Entirely old idea, long overdue to arrive in game.. Limit on stats is [base dupe stat +26]on each stat, atleas it was.

And rebalance idea about allowing dupe profession to stat gain is what i expected to be in game for job training... screw game designer who throws old system in the window.

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