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New overlay suggestion: position heatmap

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Hi, I've started playing the game a few days ago, I think it is awesome and I love it.

One of the things that I like the most is the ability to solve the problems via retrospection. When the cycle finishes, I can see undersuply and oversuply of resources (oxygen, energy, food), the time spent on each task, and use that information to improve my base.

I don't like wasting resources, my heart hurts when I see my dupes wasting time doing unecessary tasks or going to unecessary places, even more now with the occupational update test. I don't know if i'm too noob, but I have to spend a lot of time to figure which door permits to grant and which work errands to assign. Monitoring the dupes to make these decisions feels impractical in a lot of ways, the only tools I have now is the time breakdown (report) and looking at them working (and maybe the navigation lines).

I would like to quickly see where the dupe went, and decide if I want him to be there or not. I'm suggesting a space breakdown, a position heatmap.

But why do I need this?:

  • It will help manage door permissions
  • I can see where the decoration expectation is critical
  • Improvement via retrospection

I won't enter into details how this could work (Choosen interval or daily? Overlay or Report? Indidual? Per job? Colors?). I want to see if this idea is interesting or I just need to git gud.

If you don't know what a heatmap is:

This one shows the players (10 players, 5 on each side) movement in a pro CS:GO match. (Map: Cobble). The intensity of the orange is relative to the total time spent on that area.


Same for Dota2's (10 players too, 5 on each side), but with a color scale.

GG3XsjO.jpg. (

These examples are weak, I couldn't find the ones that I would like to show, but some professional teams in these games analyze the heatmap of individual players on rival teams to counter them in official matches (In CS:GO sometimes legendary AWPers get beaten because of this).

We could use this to counter dupes bad decisions.

P.S.: It has a lot of uses outside of gaming too

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