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Job Limit in Occupation Update

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I've been playing the occupation update when I hit a snag.  I like to build big bases.  Accept every duplicant and scale up necessary production.  I just like to see how big I can go while still keeping the base sustainable.  I consider a colony lost once a single dupe dies.  It keeps the game exciting for me and makes me have to devise bigger and faster systems.  However, when I get to a certain point, I can't put dupes in jobs anymore.  This means that the newest dupes are essentially useless in the new system once all the jobs are filled up.  I agree that a cap should exist, but maybe it should be more flexible.

I was thinking that maybe rather than hard caps on the number of duplicants in each job, it should be proportional to the number of dupes (perhaps with a minimum).  My thinking is something like this:  If you have <15 dupes, only 3 can be miners, but if you have 100 dupes, 20 can be miners.  I'm not banking on these exact numbers, I just think that colonies shouldn't be capped in population because they would just be a drain on resources.  And perhaps that cap should be on the entire career track, so you could have 20 expert miners at 100 dupes, but no apprentice miners because you already have 20 miners.


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