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Character Mod Issue: Tiny Character and other minor problems

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I'm having a couple of issues with this character and it is my first mod, so hopefully this is all the right info needed to help figure out what I've done wrong here. I did find topics with similar issues, but so far nothing has worked to fix mine and I worry that it may somehow be a compiler problem.

Client Log

The Main Problem

Basically, I have gotten the character to work within the game. He does his animations, says his lines, shows up in the selection screen properly with only small things I'd like to change about the way he displays.


But once he is in the game, he shrinks!


He's so tiny even the birds are bigger than him. And while I've seen people say this is caused by changing the resolution of something in your character's files, I didn't do that. I drew directly over the template character for everything and adjusted no numbers within the documents that determine scale. So I have no idea what is causing this.

The Minor Issues

These are things that don't really ruin the mod for me entirely, but are fairly annoying and I would like to fix. Initially while drawing this character, the template head looked very tiny to me. so (without changing the canvas size!) I utilized some of the empty space to draw the head bigger. As you can see, it's too big and covers up a good portion of the shirt/dwarfs his body. So I went back into the images (again without changing the canvas size) and made each piece smaller within that space using the original template as a reference. Now, not including his hair since that is meant to be large, his head is the same size as the template character's. But in the game, nothing has change! I recompiled the mod but it still shows up with a big ol' noggin that makes his face look small. Is there something I need to delete to force it to pick up the newly redone images?

And lastly, I'm having an invisible ghost problem. I didn't remove anything from the template, but it did take three tries for the compiler in the mod tools to even make the "ghost animations" file like it's supposed to, so I'm suspicious the compiler might be having trouble. But I don't know how to tell if that's the case.


Thanks, anybody who takes the time to read and try to help me out with any of these! They've really got me stumped.


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Well the compiler has been known to have issues in picking up the sample template once edited and misses compiling it when that issue appears. So I'm not sure how useful my tip is but one of the parts can sometimes be overlooked (for instance my upper arm folder) and would need to be re-edited (just open it up and do a small change to over write it, nothing time consuming) and see if it works. Deleting images and replacing could work but remember to delete the character zip file in the anim folder and the character zip file that builds where the scml file is or you'll get the previous build.

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Its a annoying situation to say the least, as for what to do about it there's only a few things that come to mind. Either keep trying to run the auto-compiler via mod tools (its recommended to download don't starve mod tools under the library-tools section of steam) instead of consistently running the game to open the auto-compiler and try to find the problem (deleting replacing rebuilding and such). Give the file to someone else who could possible fix it or review it. Or we could keep at it on the forums. (reinstalling the game to see if the compiler fixes itself is a slim chance so I didn't included it)

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