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Bugs I've Noticed

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I've played the beta for the update until around cycle 70 and I thought I'd share what I found.

1)Deconstruction either won't happen or is so low priority it takes them multiple cycles to get around to it

2)Dupes don't prioritize the job that they are assigned frequently.(Had a build order and instead decided to sweep, operators refusing to use machinery, etc.)

3)Sometimes dupes will run to a location and change their mind about what they're doing, I'm not sure if it was because of something behind the scenes but it wasn't because they needed to go to the bathroom or were hungry.

4)Sometimes to get anyone to do something, it didn't really matter what it was, I would have to change the priority really high and even then it took them a long time to get around to it.

5)The game would freeze, not crash, when I clicked on the jobs tab.  This could be anywhere from 15 seconds to a few minutes.

6)Sometimes the priority on build orders would change when placing them, sometimes it was 3, other times it was 5 and varied whether it was normal or critical priority.(Example: I wanted to set up a self-sustaining electrolyzer room and it made it the highest priority, I corrected it when I realized what had happened but it took half a cycle and my oxygen and farms halted because they weren't being delivered to)

7)If a building that requires either kind of pipe is constructed before the pipe is in place, it says there's no outlet and will have to be deconstructed and rebuilt which leads to bug #1.

I know this sounds like complaining and I realize that the update is still in beta but I love this game and I thought I'd help the developers with my observations.  There may be other things but I didn't take notes while playing so they may have slipped my mind.  Overall I really like the changes, but the dupes don't seem to understand what their jobs are sometimes :)

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