[H] duplicate spiffies & distinguished, trade hold [W] other spiffies & distinguished 1:1, see details

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====== Spiffy =======


unsuitably blue overalls
catcoon blue backpack
forever green backpack
green rucksack
orange rucksack
navy buckle bag
blue silk robe
pink silk robe
red silk robe
yellow silk robe
yellow trench coat
purple jammie pants


hyper-intelligent blue overalls
blue jammie shirt


=== Distinguished ===


shadow jumpsuit
grass gekko costume
cheeky chester costume
glommy guise
shadow spider body
train case


bunny slippers
fuzzy slippers
toggle jacket
dragonfly endtable
austere endtable
steamer trunk

Just make a reasonable offer, we can work something out.  I still have some spare duplicate spiffies and classies or whatever.


==== Trade Link =====

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