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FAtiMA-DST an AI framework

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Hello everybody. It has been quite sometime since I first posted in here asking about adding behaviour to characters using artificial intelligence.

For the past months I've been working on creating a framework that will enable people to run autonomous agents in the world of Don't Starve Together using FAtiMA-Toolkit (a tool set specific for the creation of autonomous agents). This frameworks is called FAtiMA-DST and is available here.

Feel free to use it, toy with it, and give me some feedback (either here or on Github). There is a simple example agent called Walter that is ready to run. You also have instructions on how to run the agent and with the example you may be able to create your own agents. For creating your own agents I strongly encourage the use of the FAtiMA-AuthTools available on the FAtiMA-Toolkit repository (you can find all the links and instructions here).

Please be aware that this requires you to run an external console application written by me. If you have no means of compiling the source code, you can grab the binaries for Windows from the Github repository. Unfortunately, I do not have binaries for other platforms, but you can compile for other platforms using the source code.

Also bear in mind that this is mainly an academic project.

That said, I hope somebody finds it amusing!

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