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Server not responding

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A bit more info please. Noone can tell you anything if you don't provide any proper information. (logs, what happened, etc.)

You say that your old team mates can't join you anymore, so I assume they were able to join you on that exact world before. Did you have a DST update, or did you have a Windows update?

"set as admin done" .... what does that mean? Executed as Administrator? If that's the case, not needed. DST runs flawlessly without admin privileges.

"firewall done" I guess you opened the ports for the DST server in your firewall? Usually not needed either, because DST communicates over DST server lists, which skip the direct port access.

Do you have any mods installed?

Steam should make sure that you have the most recent version installed when launching the game, but just in case try verifying your game files (and maybe tell your friends to do the same.)

If all above doesn't work, your friends can try connecting directly to your game by opening the debug console in the main menu and entering

c_connect(<IP of your game>, <Port of your game>, <Optionally: Password if you have one>)

This might require you to have the specific port open in your firewall, never checked.

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