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Quacken Help

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kriscorrie    0


Ive tried to do a bit of a speed run of quacken and have managed to spawn her on day 5. however, ive swiftly realised i dont have the required skills to acutally defeat her.

does anyone have any suggestions? id be happy to resort to save game sharing :)

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Atsumame    319

It goes pretty much like this: 

1) Hammer the debris at the spawn island so you get planks and a free repair kit.

2) Make row boat, cloth sail, spear and trawl nets. (those two first steps are way easier with wickerbottom of course, she's the queen of early quackens)

3) Trawl until it spawn.

4) Use your map to locate the head.

5) Dash straight to the head while avoiding being too close to the tentacles. Then hit the head a couple times until it change location.

6) Repeat step 5 until quacken is dead. Don't forget to use your free repair kit, as your boat will take damage from the waves mostly.

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