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Anyone willing to program something into a mod for me? (Will do for price as well)

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So I commissioned someone to make a mod for me. It's a character mod and she is half dragonfly and human. A lot of programming into the mod was complete, but now the person I commissioned is getting really stressed and just can't program the rest. I am not going to force him to do it, so I am asking here if anyone else could program one (or more) of the features he couldn't get done before his stress got to him (I can also pay you if needed). Let me tell you the missing programming:

Going into an enraged mode when damage is taken. Wears off after 10 seconds of no damage taken. She would have faster movement speed and deal fire damage in this mode. This is the one I wanted the most.

The dragonfly being neutral to her and being able to give ashes to the dragonfly and she will give you one of her drops in return (trust me her downsides warrant this feature)

The other 3 are not important, be she was going to be able to make a dragon sword, an item that turns the season to summer and have perishable items in her inventory spoil quicker.

If anyone is willing to do one or more of these, let me know and tell me if you want payment for doing it.


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Put this code inside YOURCHAR.lua above the master_postinit


local function become_enraged(inst)
	if inst.calm_down == true then inst.calm_down:Cancel() inst.calm_down = nil inst.enraged = nil end
	if inst.enraged == nil then
		inst.enraged = true
		inst.components.talker:Say("Ugh, now I'm mad!!")
		inst.components.locomotor:SetExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "enraged", 2) -- replace 2 with how much faster you get, 2 is like double speed
		inst.calm_down = inst:DoTaskInTime(10, function() -- you replace 10 with how many seconds you want the boost to last
			inst.components.locomotor:RemoveExternalSpeedMultiplier(inst, "enraged") 
			inst.enraged = nil

local function fire_attack(inst, data)
	if inst.enraged == true then
		if data.target.components.burnable then data.target.components.burnable:Ignite() end
		inst.components.talker:Say("Argh, take this!!")


then put this code inside the master_postinit


inst:ListenForEvent("attacked", become_enraged)
inst:ListenForEvent("onattackother", fire_attack)



The others I dont now, now give me small loan of million dollars pls /s

if dont work then tell me, peac :wilson_smile:

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