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List of sound events for custom characters?


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I'm working on a custom character mod and decided on giving her a custom voice. I've managed to give her custom talking, hurt and death sounds but she seems to have a few missing among them the carol emote has no sound I have made a version of Starver's Carol with her instrument.

The problem is I don't know the remaining FMOD designer event names for each sound event is there a list anywhere of events anywhere? 

I have been looking though scripts for a few hours for any hints but can't seem to find anything thanks!

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Emote sound is only in don't starve together, but for finding the events of the sounds in dst its a little messy to say the least. Its under:

Don't Starve Together\data\databundles\scripts\stategraphs\SGwilson

There you'd look for something like:

inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound((inst.talker_path_override or "dontstarve/characters/")..(inst.soundsname or inst.prefab).."/death_voice")

by control+f putting playsound should give more or less all the possible sound events. The other option would be extracting the .fsb files(where all the voices and sounds are stored in) but its probably not what you wanted.

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