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No Sound (DST/DS) Steam -- Win 10 Alienware R17

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Okay, Hi.

I've read close to fifty various "no sound" forum posts from all over the web regarding these games, I've tried at least 30 of the recommended resolutions.

(no seriously, ive read and tried everything.... please help.)
None have worked.

so far I've:
  • restarted everything (inc computer)
  • uninstalled/reinstalled - 3+ times. Third time i moved installation to my main C://--x86--steam folder to be positive it was not read only.
  • checked file integrity at least 3 times each time before uninstall/reinstall
  • uninstalled OneNote
  • made sure files in installation folder were NOT marked as read only 
  • updated every sound driver/windows/alienware update possible
  • tested with/without earbuds vs speakers

still no sound in my DST/DS games
other games and every other program work fine

I use my laptop at work. I cannot use my speakers while I am at work because I am an in-home personal nurse and i prefer not to disturb my clients while they sleep.

I use a very basic set of plain earbuds. They do have a mic on them but i do not use it. They are not special in any way. They have no software. They are cheapos from Walmart. I have a second pair of plain earbuds. same problem. 

Tried to restart and repeat all of these steps WITHOUT earbuds. (speakers only) and there is still no sound from either DS or DST. 
Side note: 
yesterday when i woke my laptop up from sleep
it made a VERY LOUD static sound (that stopped when i clicked mute, but it over-rode my headphone jack until i muted computers sound from sound bar)
but then after restarting it, it finished installing some kind of windows update. This is why the first thing I looked into was all the sound drivers and anything sound related.  This was also BEFORE I purchased and installed the game.

I have attached my DxDiag file. 


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Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Don't Starve Together Bug Tracker?


Have you tried manually deleting the configuration file called client.ini in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether with DST closed? 

Also do you absolutely have no sounds coming from your computer or the audio settings are always set to zero? I have a tiny suspicion it's a hardware issue. Anyway, post this issue to the bug tracker in case it's not an isolated case. Cheers.

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