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Mod enabling issue! please help

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Hello. I downloaded a character mod from steam for dont starve and enjoyed it quite a lot. However it several issues. Some of the things the creator intended to be included didnt work, and there were typos in the dialogue, etc.

The author stopped playing so I took it on my own to update, and I did, carefully keeping as much the same as possible.


When I launch my updated mod version however, it doesnt work, it crashes and then stops. Changing api version in modinfo to 10 causes it to give no errors, but it wont enable. Setting it to 6, which the original mod works with, causes the game to crash when I click "apply". I get no error message other than "mod crashed the game previously and has been disabled"

I then cant click on anything, and have to ALT+F4 to close the game.


The Dont starve log shows me a lot lines of text that say "Could not unload undefined prefab" so i assume the issue is somewhere there.


This is my first time modding, and first time on these forums so I appologize if i made any mistakes.


If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I will answer as soon as possible


thankyou in advance



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Hmm converting a dst mod(I assume it is since you mentioned api version 10) to ds requires quite a bit of converting since some code isn't compatible with ds. Other than that could not unload prefab is cryptic, I'd ask for a log in the file directory:


other than that the alternative is to post the mod as a zip here see if me or some other modder can fix it.

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