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Redeem code missing

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Hey. I recently ordered the plushes from the Klei store and found the codes on a separate card for some of the plushes (including Deerclops). Somehow these cards got stuck under the bottom of the box when they folded it for shipping. If you have not looked there deassemble the box and see if it was missed.

If it simply isn't there (the cards should never have been placed there in the first place! The packaging is not good!) try contacting the Klei store at indiebox. Don't contact Klei Entertainment employees. (I was able to reply to the shipping email and received a response from Indiebox.) You should be able to contact them here. indiebox@kleientertainment.com

Personally in my order the Deerclops code simply didn't work. They sent me a new code (which did work) within a few hours on the next workday which was great. Hopefully your experience gets better as the Klei store unfortunately has some issues.

Edit: Here are some more links to Klei shop questions/answers although I don't think you will find them useful.



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