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Non-default long-term building action for Prefab

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Recently I've started work on a mod with a key conception of a long-term build action. Let me explain what long-term action means – while for most characters building new object (Alchemy Engine for example) takes X sec., I want it to be N*X sec. Instead of 1 sec. it would be 30 sec. for example. I know that new character, Winona, makes thinks faster, so I’ve looked at winona.lua for making opposite – found Tag named “fastbuilder”, and I found “dolongaction” Tag, but that's not what I need. (Maybe I need Tag, but I don’t really know where they described it and how it works). Also I’ve digged around Placer and Prefab but did not find anything useful.

In addition to long-term action I’m as well unsuccessfuly looking for how to change making animation itself – not standard “twirl with hands” but digging with shovel. (Using my mod player one will be able to create an object – let’s say a pit in the ground, and creating of it should be long and painstaking – maybe even few Hounds would be spawned and a friend would have to defend our digger.)


So I’m asking for help here. All messages will be appreciated.

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OK, so during my exploration around SGwilson.lua I found few States "domediumaction"/'dolongaction" and ActionHandler(ACTIONS.BUILD, ...) therefore figured out how to make building process lasts longer (for example 3 sec.):

local longdigging_state = State
        name = "dolongdigging",
        onenter = function(inst)
            inst.sg:GoToState("dolongaction", 3)

local build_handler = ActionHandler(ACTIONS.BUILD,
        function(inst, action)
            if (action ~= nil and action.recipe ~= nil and action.recipe == "my_huge_pit") then
                return "dolongdigging"
                return inst:HasTag("fastbuilder") and "domediumaction" or "dolongaction"

AddStategraphActionHandler("wilson", build_handler)
AddStategraphState("wilson", longdigging_state)

And instead of make animation to do digging animation during building I just copied "dolongaction" State and simply changed animations from

inst.AnimState:PushAnimation("build_loop", true)


inst.AnimState:PushAnimation("shovel_loop", true)

And all works almost fine, just few glitches found:
1. If calling inst.sg:GoToState("dolongaction", 3) (with parameter timeout = 3 or more) player after end of building will be placed at the center of just created object. At timeout = 2 it happens sometime. At timout = 1 theres no such behawior. Have no idea why, really. If someone know why - let me know.
2. Digging animation continues without shovel in hands - I guess it should be fixed using inst.components.inventory:Equip but inst.components.inventory:Equip("goldenshovel") doesn't work for me now.

In general - I'm not sure about ActionHandler(ACTIONS.BUILD) solution - since it probably is overriding of existing handler, but I don't know how to (override) cancel building action trigger in my Prefab. If I could cancel trigger  - I would be able to create my own Handler.
But keep exploring and making next steps, cheers.

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