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Speech Script mod help;;;

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Hello, I have a character mod, it's all finished and the like but I'm having a problem with the speech editing. Rather, since I'm not particularly literate in code, I'm having a hard time figuring out the less obvious things the words would be reacting to. As an example, I could easily figure out that ANNOUNCE_BEES = was pertaining to what would be said regarding bees but I'm absolutely clueless to what DRAW =
            NOIMAGE = 
would be so I'm not sure what to change the dialogue too for my specific character. Is there some kind of guide or list that could tell me what thing/action the following dialogue pertains to? Or am I stuck kind of guessing my way through it?

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Draw looks like the mini signs you make and draw a item with a feather. Usually their used to help catergorize chests by placing a mini sign next to it. Theres also a list of items on:


That has lots of quotes along with the picture of the item. Looks like someone sabatoge it recently so if it doesnt work out search for another character's quotes.

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