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Unable to add mods to server

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I've tried all ways out there to add a few mods to my dedicated server.

Mods are: Willow the firestarter, better willow lighter, global position, advanced farming, and ash fertilizer.


Dedicated server on Mac OSx.  I've tried: adding "mods" to don't starve together dedicated server in steamapps common, by going to the renderer and showing package contents, then pasting the mods in the "mods" folder and editing the modsettings following a tutorial/guide. Changing mod overrides in master and caves of my dedicated server. Force enabling. Resetting. All. I'd like a clear step by step tutorial for how to add the mentioned mods to my server.

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What you usually wanna do on a dedicated server is adding the mod IDs in the "dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua" in your "game server folder/mods" like this


(Example taken from the wiki here http://dontstarve.wikia.com/wiki/Guides/Don’t_Starve_Together_Dedicated_Servers )

This automaticially downloads all your mods and keeps them up to date automaticially on every server start or restart.

Then you go into your shard and use the "modoverrides.lua" and enable those mods like this:

return {
    ["workshop-345692228"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-346968521"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-352373173"] = { enabled = true }

(Used mod IDs from above, no idea, what those actually are, just took the from the Wiki.) This way they will be enabled on that one shard. Copy the modoverrides.lua file over to your cave shard as well, to keep all compatility and you are good to go.

Here you could also add mod configurations. For more information on this one just take a look at all those wonderful tutorials.

Don't use the ForceEnable variant. Forcing things usually isn't good :P.

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