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My bird's got a hat?

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My caged bird has a pirate hat on.

I'm not new here. I've been playing Don't Starve for a pretty long time and the world I'm in is currently 200 days old.

I don't remember catching it that way. I don't remember there being any skins for birds when Shipwrecked came out, let alone skins for the singleplayer. None of the wild birds look like this. I can't seem to find anything like this online other than the pirate parrot.

So am I just extremely oblivious? Or is this a new thing...?

I'm cool with it though, he's hella cute.


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Zillvr    1759

There was an update released in the last 24 hours to fix pirate hat birds in vanilla DS. (found here) But maybe the build was specifically made on the Shipwrecked Build only since that's where the pirate hats come from. Can you confirm what version you are playing? Do so by pressing Backspace while in the main menu. Your game version should be visible bottom left something like Rev. ###.and also can you specifty what DLCs do you have active at the moment? Only RoG or do you also have Shipwrecked active? If you have the latest build, I suggest doing a verify the integrity of the game cache and hopefully that fixes it.

If you want to fix it at all.


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