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Hey guys,Thanks for bringing this to the PC, Great game!I do have a request, can there be an update to allow full configuration of the gamepad? I own a standard 8 button usb gamepad, not an xbox controller, and all the buttons are in the wrong place compared to the xbox controller configuration. It's like playing twister with your fingers, lol! If you could include the option in the control configuration screen to recognize gamepad button/key-presses when assigning the keys, that would be great! :)

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Hey Shaddowblade, You're most very welcome! We're glad it made it to PC too!There's no plans at the moment to allow re configurable controls for game-pads since we're focusing on some other things right now. Plus, almost all game pads can be reconfigured using their included software or 3rd party programs that just hard swap the buttons. Check your game pads manufacturer website or search for your model number online, there are likely methods through Windows properties, updated drivers, or software that will allow you to change your button layout.

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