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Some Forge Speedruns from China.


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First thing first, Till I post this topic, I don't know if Klei's forums can automaticly extract the real video player URL for any other video sites except Youtube. So if the URLs below can't become an embedding vidoe player, you may have to visit the videos by opening another webpage. The servers of bilibili video site below located in Shanghai, China. So any lags or cannot-opens may appear are beyond my reach. =w=

By the end of Forge Event, my team's best run is 10:46 with 1 death. The videos below shows that how we improved our records from 12:xx to 10:46.

My friends and me missed the beta test of the Forge. Because there were too many Chinese people playing the beta Forge at that time (in October) and the event servers in China and Asia performed really bad in the evening. (high lag and disconnecting frequently. Personally, I guess they were overloaded?)

Typically, We use Discord or other voice chatting apps for communicating when we were playing the Forge.

Before November 15, that weekend in mid month, we just played the Forge just for skins and achievements. The best record of my group is 15:25 at the time. Until we saw a speedrun video on a site in China, we thought 'Hey, maybe we can do that too'. So the story began.

At the beginning, we even didnt how to engaging on one target and there is no cooperation at all. (LOL. that's true.) A few days latter, we got privity. And we could reach sub 15:00 by the time November 18. The final boss phase was our plateau at that time and we couldn't overcome it for a long time. So I posted a topic for help and thankfully we got it.

After we finally figured out how to deal with the final boss with the effective approach (this is the most awesome part of Bill&TShawKiller's team), the rest of Speedrunning were totally full of fussy details. each of wave spawns, each of mobs, had to be counted. We had even tried to leave some mobs and kill final boss first (Failed. it won't work). We seperated each spawns to work out how to clear each of them as fast as we can, to ensure which target must be engaged first, to confirm the detail data and usage of each item droped. Just like making a battle plan in other strategy games.

As you can see, our community have more than 10 people. So there is not a fixed team. We played every positions though someone may play some roles better on certain.


In conclusion, just play and summarize the results. then do it again and again.

After all that story, Here are the videos of our Speedruns.


10:46 - 1 death (Wigfrid sight)

10:53 & 11:00 (Woodie sight)

11:04 - No death (Wigfrid sight)

One early run (11:55 Wicker sight)

If you want more Forge Speedruns Videos. Use this url below.


Special Thanks:

@eXiGe and his team who replied my posts at  November 18 and shared their early speedrun video so that we can see some brand-new tachnics of the final boss phase.

@TShawKiller who developed awesome timing mods which really a kind of grace for the every Forge players.

All Klei Staff. For presenting us a wonderful forge event so that my friends and me could have such a period of unforgettable happy time.

At last, and most important, my friends in DST. We had so much fun in this game. Thank you, all of you!



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