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DST-Custom Character; Modhelp required!

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I've been going over tutorials and videos and any resource I can for the past three days and I've finally caved to come here for help because I can't get one part to function.

I can get all the coding [stats, renamed files, names and other data] but I cannot compile the exported art folders into build and atlas files.

The autocomplier will run for a short period, complying old mods I don't use anymore before freezing and stopping. The png.exe. and scml.exe however, will not run at all. It gives me the error [ERROR: Invalid number of arguments] and I can't for the life of me figure this out. Even connecting the right files and directories in my command prompt does not work, it gives me the error; "The filename, directory name,or volume label syntax is incorrect."

My character is a simple character, no starting items/moddedvoices/custom codes; as of right now, it's just a test as this is my first time modding a character in don't starve. But due to no ability to create it's sprite animations, it's completely invisible.

If I could get some help on this, I would greatly appreciate this because I'm running out of ideas and will to do this. Please and Thank you.

::;Should any file be required to help me with this, let me know and I'll supply it.

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All you need to do is use the autocompiler, you don't need to run the other tools there to create the anim files.

I'd suggest trying to make a printscreen right before the autocompiler closes, it could help you figure out what the problem is.

Also you should probably put your mod in a zip and upload it if you can't figure it out with the screenshot.

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I managed to fix it by uninstalling the game and mod tools, but images and big portraits aren't functioning properly still. But I have all the main parts of it completed so it'll be fine, just can't release the mod.

If anyone could offer some help on starting items, that would be helpful. I'm currently trying to give this character 5x green_mushrooms and a hammer. Besides that, I've got it working and complying the animated portion.

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