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Liquid pump blocked pipe

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I'm having trouble with a liquid pump not priming my latrine system after adding a water sieve and extra pipes. I'm taking an educated guess that the liquid pump is pumping fresh water back into where the water sieve is trying to push filtered water out and causing both to not fill the empty pipes below my showers/sinks/latrines?

Any ideas on how I can fix this, preferably without breaking germ filled pipes? Both the liquid pump and water sieve have "Not Pumping," and the liquid pump has "Pipe Blocked." Turning off power to the pump does not change any status.






So I went ahead and broke the pipe with no germs in it since it would make the least amount of mess to clean up and everything started working again. I've primed the system with fresh water and then connected the water sieve again and then disconnected the fresh water supply and everything seems to be working good now.

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Your pictures are too small to see things clearly. However I believe the problem is that you have your water sieve outputting to two different locations. Delete the water pipe directly above the sieve output and the issue should be resolved. 

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