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Getting a "Unable to write to config directory" Error Message On Mac and the help page dose not say what to do

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Hey @Jacucked, welcome to the forums. When the game says "unable to write to config directory" it simply means the game has no permission to access or read/write into the directory file (save files/config files/etc.). On windows the game directory is Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether but I don't own a Mac so sadly all I can really suggest is to figure out how to give DST administrator access/permission to read/write into your Documents folder OR wait for someone to come in and give detailed instructions on how to do so. Good luck.

Also, any future bugs/crashes should be reported to the Klei Bug Tracker: DST since that would also help any other players/users who may be experiencing the same crash be able to find a way to fix it, in the possibility that you find a fix.


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