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As the title suggests I'd like to make a leaderboard based on fastest times. Currently we only see yesterdays fastest time, but I'd like to see a top 10 or even 100 overall. It seems that klei does store all the times so I was wondering if they could possibly release that information and just update that info when they update yesterdays fastest time. If they give me the raw information I am willing to make this post an official leaderboard that I update daily.


  • The leaderboard will only consist of unique teams meaning that you will not see the same group of players listed in multiple spots, it will show that groups fastest time.
  • I'd like to make a leaderboard for 6 man, 5 man, 4 man, and 3 man
  • The leaderboard will show their teams comp, who was playing who, and their death count.

If anyone at klei can help me out with this that would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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